Health and wellness talks & workshops


Dr. Huffman has contributed her knowledge & skills on empowering better health to employees of Apple, SXSW, Whole Foods, Austin Bergstrom International Airport, SCORE, St. David’s Hospital, and many more. Her focus is on educating people to achieve deep relaxation and a balanced lifestyle, naturally.

With dynamic and integrated scopes of practice and knowledge, she blends Eastern & Western paradigms to deliver content that is both rich in ancient wisdom, and grounded in modern, evidenced-based practices.

Her passion is for optimizing human potential through balancing the interactions between mind-body states and environment. Using the combined tools of Yoga Nidra meditation, mindful self-assessment & tracking, and acupressure, she helps educate students on how to achieve deep relaxation and more robust stress resiliency.

Onsite Wellness Talks or Workshops: $100/hour